It's been a week since my request to XTB and eToro support to add shares to their platforms (see my recent post). It was a $RICK+2.5% stock and many of you were interested in the outcome.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to make you happy, but the title was not added on either platform.
eToro only acknowledged my request. Unfortunately, I don't know if I will be informed further, but I am not getting my hopes up, as the liquidity of the stock is the main consideration, which in this case is not high.
At XTB, I was informed the very next day that they were unable to add the title due to low liquidity. But I appreciate the very quick response here. 👍

If the title is added to eToro after all, I will inform you about it again.

Interesting, thanks for the info and if anything changes I would certainly appreciate an update.

XTB support is great in this client work, otherwise thank you!

Great that XTB at least responded:)

Maybe it takes a little time. A week is a short time and imagine how many applications to how many different companies they have to deal with. They have to approve and then negotiate. I think a process like that can take a month or more and there has to be a lot of interest in the stock for it to make sense to the broker.

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