Investors, have you ever fallen for FOMU yourself? "Fear of missing out. What investment was it and what caused it? :)

Personally, I felt the most FOMO on myself during the last BTC bullrun when I bought $BTCUSD-2.4% for $53000. Fortunately it wasn't for a particularly high amount and in retrospect I think it gave me more than it took. Since then, FOMO has completely let me go and I think about my investments with a clear head and no emotions.

What about you and FOMO, what are your stories? :)

Sometimes? I fail every day when I come here and find out where I missed it.. realistically FOMO is the only mental problem I have with investing

Of course, I'm often afraid of missing something. But I don't think I've bought any stocks because of that yet.

It happened to me while I was trading. I'm trying to avoid it now...

I experience FOMO today and every day, I just don't act on it. 😁 You believe in some of your investments so much that you would give it your all, but of course you can't.

I had a rake with BTC,because I didn't go for it at all, but I'm glad now,because it's too volatile for me.

Oh, yeah, I'm sure there'd be some. We all start out and make mistakes like that. But I had this more with the trader, when I tried to trade either the index or individual stocks and the worst thing about this was, I don't know what it's called now, that when I failed, I would try to make up for it in the next hurried trade to make up for the loss, but of course it didn't happen and I lost it. I basically messed up my stats last year because I did it on one long term account. And I lost about $300.

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