Investors, I am interested in your opinion on the Czech Stock Exchange. 🇨🇿

I know that occasionally there are opinions on some titles here, mostly the well-known ones like CEZ, KB, Moneta, and a few times there was a question about Kofola (besides, I recently got a message that its CEO was buying shares at the beginning of the summer).

I'm not personally in this market, but I've been thinking about it for a couple of weeks. I want to ask here and expand the discussion, not on individual stocks, but on our market and government environment in general. I'm not very well versed in politics and just as someone might shy away from China or South America from what I've seen here, like any territory ours has its pitfalls and I'd like to discuss that here, does anyone have more insight into that? 😊

I don't really understand politics and therefore don't follow it because even though I don't know the recipe for it, I generally don't believe in the ability of a party to really do anything for the people and the country because it's always full of lies and greed. That's why I invest and don't want to rely on the state. Of course, business can thrive.

We also have the Prague Stock Exchange (BCPP) and the Czech Stock Exchange RM-SYSTEM, which offers more titles and global brands. What do you possibly use? ...I am only concerned with purely Czech stocks.

I have KB, Kofola and CEZ. I'm thinking of adding Moneta

I have been interested in Czech stocks for some time now and I am very attracted to $KOMB.PR+1.2%, $CEZ.PR-0.6% and maybe $CZG.PR+0.9%. So far, Fio seems to be the best for Czech stocks and I will open an account there soon.

Only the classics: ČEZ, Colt, KB, Moneta, Kofola... I wouldn't invest in the others. If only because I'm not very interested/amused by those companies. I don't know much about them.

Apart from such classic Czech titles, I have to admit that I don't know much either.

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