Have a nice Sunday, how are you browsing on $CVS+1.8% now please? The purchase price looks great to me considering the company, but I may be viewing some big BUTs.



$59.75 $1.08 +1.84%
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It depends how you want to invest if for X years, so any purchase already under 70usd is great for me and I personally don't think we will go anywhere near 50usd, but I don't really care because I would at least buy more and the better the result in the future will be. In terms of across the numbers, competition etc.. everything is already there for me CVS is one of the biggest positions and I guess it will stay with them unless it shoots up to 100+... :)

As has already been mentioned here, there can always be some risks, but nothing much is happening here yet, for example in the field of competition, as Filip writes. The management is also good. The price already seemed to rebound and now it is going down again, for myself I would wait, I have this company in my portfolio, but at the current price I am not thinking about buying.

I like the acquisition strategy. The debt is well covered by FCF. Thin margins, which I think will improve. I see risk from Amazon, but valuation-wise, $CVS+1.8% looks very interesting to me (P/FCF<5).

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