Yesterday I invested in a new company after a long time. That company was Bank of Montreal $BMO+1.1%, which hit a two-year low. I take BMO as a long term investment, the bank is one of the most stable and profitable banks in Canada, so I welcomed the 4% drop and was finally able to buy at my desired price.

Anyone here have BMO? What do you think of Canadian banks, do you find them interesting and overlooked too?

$86.64 $0.95 +1.11%
Capital Structure
Market Cap
Enterpr. Val.

I confess I didn't know this bank at all. The numbers look nice and since I am a long term investor, this is a nice opportunity for me.

I also try to keep the banking sector at a lower percentage than other sectors - I don't like the low stability and extreme reaction to any political news.

Interesting. I would certainly say partly overlooked. On the one hand, maybe that's a good thing, because banks are usually talked about a lot when they start having problems, so why not. For me, it's enough to have less of the banks and I have that represented in $BAC-0.5% Anyway, for this bank as you write the numbers look good. :)

I'm not at all familiar with Canadian banks, but at first glance the numbers look good.

The chart looks good now. Price is nicely near multi-year resistance and could be stabilizing. For a long term investment then it's even better👍

It's not for me, the banks are not showing that much growth, so it's not in line with my strategy. The bank may be quality, but I doubt it will be a 100/200% return investment.

Interesting to watch so I'm curious how they will fare

Great! I have nothing against Canadian banks, I myself have followed $RY+0.8% and $TD+0.8% in the past. They are stable, have decent dividends and are part of a strong economy.

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