This beauty is scheduled to be released on June 15, 2023. It is the NIO $NIO-3.5% ET5 Travel Edition (Touring).

NIO Sweden has recently released a poster that shows the date of June 15, 2023. According to reports, the NIO ET5 Travel Edition (Touring) is expected to be launched globally on June 15, so investors are looking for a connection to the new model behind this poster.

It looks great! :)

The car is nice and I like it. However, I probably wouldn't buy stock in this company. I might consider buying just a few shares for the heck of it.

I looked at the review and I don't really like it. At least not compared to competing models with a similar price.

Well, this looks nice! Unfortunately, this company is dead to me in terms of investment...

It's not ugly, but I'm afraid their path to the limelight is going to be quite difficult

Such a beauty 😍

That doesn't help them anyway, it doesn't affect the numbers. Supply is weak, so there's that.

I'm curious to see when they introduce a new home charging solution.

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