So the expected market correction is here. Currently, the $SPY is down 2% from last week's highs. How deep will this correction be?

There's still a chance it stalls and we go up again. But I wouldn't be too inclined to do that...

Why don't we go to the right for a while? I'm watching REITs in particular, they could react negatively.

I also don't see any major decline anytime soon, but the crystal ball could be wrong.

Reaction to the Fed, belated, but still. I think after a brief correction we'll be climbing back up...

I don't think we will see a bigger correction anytime soon. At the moment there is no reason for it yet.

Yes, it is. Let's see how strong investors are with psyche. Because I'm sure there will be some who will start selling in the confusion. The correction is good, the Fed will still raise rates that's for sure, but I don't see any lows, rather I believe every downturn will be used to buy.

I think this is a kind of a resting zone caused by the Fed officials' statements. I expect more of a rise until the next meeting.

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