What stocks have you been thinking about most recently in terms of potential investments? What are you planning on buying?

We're closed tomorrow, so give tips on something to analyze, for all of us. :) Personally, I'm watching and will most likely be buying $MC.PA+2.1% and $CVS+1.4%.



€724.80 €14.80 +2.08%

Lately I've been buying mostly $CVS+1.4%, $MO+1.4%, $BAC-0.5% and I plan to buy some $ASML+2.1% stock this month. I'll have to look at $MC.PA+2.1%:)

Great tips, I've been buying $CVS+1.4% but I'm ready to keep buying, I like the company a lot. Luxury goods is top, that's true, I would like to buy it too, but it's expensive overall and I prefer to buy something cheaper to have more pieces. Next I was buying the other $DIS+0.5% mentioned ... The $WBD+0.3% I'm holding, but I'm scared here in further purchases, so hopefully it will go up as the guys here are hoping with it. And then I kinda like the $KHC-0.3% tip from Peter too. And lastly for myself, I'm still watching and "watching" reits, buying in on dips, I've been doing almost DCA here lately because I believe when rates turn, hopefully next year, this will go up nicely + dividend yield.

$MC.PA+2.1% My favorite, luxury goods will always be top! praise the selection.

I was buying $CVS+1.4% and $DIS+0.5%. Now I don't have any other candidates in my sights, as my portfolio is already quite full and the markets are growing nicely ;)

I'll also probably add $CVS+1.4% and maybe jump into $WBD+0.3% again.

I'd want some drop on LVMH, then I'd go for it... but I'm probably going to $RACE+1.6%:)

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