The markets are showing us a strong sell-off to end the week with big losses in the major stock indices, with the US 500 index down nearly 3% and the Nasdaq 100 down 3.6% in just the last two days! These declines could reveal some nice buying opportunities again next week.

What stock titles are you currently eyeing and planning to buy? Inspiration for your weekend analysis. :-) Personally, I'm thinking about further gradually increasing my position in $PLTR and DCA into $TSM+0.4%.

I'll probably add $DIS+1.7% and $PEP+0.5% this week.

The stock has certainly come down nicely, but the way it turned at the end of Friday I think it may not be over yet.

I would like to buy $DIS+1.7% next week :)

I bought RTX yesterday :-)

$PYPL+2.2% gives a second chance to those who missed it before. Also still watching $TGT+2.5%, finally support didn't hold today. I am also watching $BABA+0.5% and $PFE+1.4% intensely.

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