Shares of $RACE+1.6% have gained more than 30% this year, which is very solid, and the company's stock has been rising for a long time. However, the stock currently strikes me as expensive.

Would it make sense for you to have $RACE+1.6% stock in your portfolio and if so, at what price would you overbuy?

$435.13 $6.66 +1.55%

I was about to buy a real alle then a fair price came up here on Bulios and it took the wind out of my sails... so now I'm waiting :)

Yeah if it suddenly dropped somewhere around 200 for no big reason, why not, but that's not going to happen :D

It's more like selling at the moment. The super buy was on the down side of the uptrend that is on the stock. That was around the price of $190 in November 2022. It's been awesome since then.

Not much at the moment. I could see their car in my garage. 😂😁😁😁

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