For me, these two stocks are on a high so far. However, when the time comes I would like to buy a few shares of either $KO+0.4% or $PEP+1.3%.

I've been looking at their financial statements and they look very similar and nice to me. I have to say that I like $PEP+1.3% better on some items and with the rise in share price, $PEP+1.3% is also doing better.



$172.08 $2.19 +1.29%
$65.45 $0.24 +0.37%
Capital Structure
Market Cap
Enterpr. Val.

If I had to decide for myself, I would probably choose Pepsi. However, I haven't heard of anyone having Pepsi in their portfolio instead of $KO+0.4%.

I don't know if it's the name and reputation of Coca Cola, or if I've missed something fundamental.

I'd appreciate your opinion and your perspective on these two companies.

I would go for $PEP+1.3% they have a more diversified portfolio, there was a summary somewhere here on Bulios so be sure to check it out.

I guess$KO+0.4% really only has an advantage in name.

What is the one word the whole world knows? Yes, Coca-cola, Moat is clearly on the side of $KO+0.4% but personally I have to say that I also like $PEP+1.3% better in both stock and taste... :D

On Bulios dividends we recently addressed this. With Pepsi, I like its diversification and products, but CocaCola has a strong edge in pricing power. Not an easy choice.

I guess it depends if you prefer drinks or food? PEP has 60% of its revenue outside of beverages.

Both are good defensive options for the long term. I would have a hard time deciding which one to choose for my portfolio though.

I have both :D I'm happy with both :)

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